Home Carbonation Tips

Fun Facts and Helpful Hints for Getting the Most from Your Home Soda Maker

By any name – Seltzer water, soda water, club soda, sparkling water and fizzy water are all basically the same thing – carbonated water – a refreshing soft drink without calories or chemicals. The only difference is where the water is sourced, which can affect the taste. Also, most club sodas have added salt and minerals, tonic water can have added sugar.

Increase daily hydration – A recent study found that people who make sparkling water at home increase their daily hydration by an average of 43% over those without a home soda maker.

Cold water works – When you make sparkling water at home, be sure to use cold water. You’ll get smaller bubbles that last longer, with a better “mouth feel.” The patented iSODA Turbo-Bubbler also creates more bubbles that are smaller and last longer, by increasing CO2 solubility.

Digestive remedy – If you suffer from upset stomach or constipation, drinking carbonated water can help your digestive tract. However, people with IBS and acid reflux should avoid carbonated water, as it can trigger stomach ache, bloating and gas.

Feel satisfied – If you want to lose a few pounds, drinking carbonated water can help. Drink it before, during or after a meal and you’ll feel full while consuming less – and it’s calorie-free! Consuming fewer calories can help you achieve weight loss goals.

Kitchen addition – Substitute carbonated water for still water, alcohol or beer in many recipes. Get lighter, fluffier batters, tempuras, pancakes, rice, pasta and baked goods. It also acts as a meat tenderizer.

Chemical-free cleaning – Use sparkling water to lift laundry, carpet and upholstery stains. Shine kitchen and bathroom fixtures and counter-tops. De-grease cooking pans. Fill a spray bottle and use it to wash windows in your home and car, for a streak-free shine inside and out. Soak fine jewelry in carbonated water for sparkling clean gems.

Daily complexion care – Apply a daily solution of carbonated water with a cotton ball. Do not rinse. Helps to reduce skin oils, creates better pH balance, brightens skin tone and minimizes pores for a clean, healthy glow.

Engineered for better taste – iSODA makers have a lower system pressure that uses CO2 more efficiently. There’s less wear and tear on the makers, and they’re quieter too. Combined with the Turbo-Bubbler tip, which increases CO2 solubility, iSODA makes bubbles that are smaller, longer lasting and better tasting than many brands of sparkling water.

DIY beverage trends – Making carbonated water and soft drinks at home allows you to customize your beverages, increase variety and flavor options, control sugar intake, and create an endless variety of healthy, fun and creative drinks for yourself, your family and friends.