Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I purchase iSODA products?
iSODA is currently available on We are in the process of expanding distribution to hundreds of popular retail outlets across North America in 2015.

Can I use another brand of cylinder in my iSODA?
Yes. iSODA is compatible with the most popular cylinders.

Can I use another brand of bottle in my iSODA?
While the CO2 cylinders are compatible, bottles are not. iSODA has improved the design by creating the patented Quick-Connect bottle that attaches easily and securely every time, with a simple quarter-turn. It stays connected until you take it off. other brands use a traditional thread design that is harder to attach. It can come off during operation if not attached properly. With iSODA, you’re never in doubt about bottle attachment.

Will The DrinkMate carbonate any beverage?
Yes. Though it might take an attempt or two before perfecting carbonation, you will always add bubbles to whatever beverage you put into the bottle. Gauge the FOAM LEVELS while adding carbonation, as well as when releasing the pressure, to ensure excess foam doesn’t rise to the top. If foam escapes via the slow release valve, NO PROBLEM, just wash the Fizz Infuser under water from your sink!