About iSODA

You like soda but don’t want to waste your money shipping products around that are mostly water. You’re concerned about the effect that it has on our world too.

Lugging lots of heavy containers home from the store or to picnics and parties can be a hassle. And whether full or empty they take up unnecessary space in your home, refrigerator and vehicles. Pre-bottled soda even requires more of your valuable time to return or recycle the empties. And those sticky bottles keep your spaces from looking their best.

iSODA is easier, creative, delicious!

You know that the money savings, time savings and helping the environment make iSODA an obvious choice. But did you know it’s also so simple, fast and easy to make great tasting sparkling drinks yourself? In a few seconds you can customize your drinks with just the right amount of fizz and even create something completely your own by combining our fantastic selection of real fruit flavors into something never tasted by the world before! Our flavors are always fresh, healthy, and delicious — better tasting than others.

Easier, More Robust, Cleaner

One second to attach! Our patented quick connect bottles don’t need the endless screwing to attach like other brands. More stable. More reliable. More robust. It’s cleaner too, without the rubber seal friction dust falling into your drink as other designs. Yuk, and no thank you! All our caps and bottles are BPA-free, of course.

Easier, Quieter, Lasts Longer

Take the pressure off! Our patented Turbo-bubbler™ boosts gas solubility by at least 15% and allows our system pressure to be lower than our competitor’s. This makes our systems easier to operate, quieter, and gives them a longer lifetime while creating more evenly distributed, longer lasting bubbles.

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